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We believe it is all these small details of working on the land, on the olive trees and in the mill that make such a huge difference in the character and quality of our oil, enabling us to obtain an exceptional, unique product.

With these so special oils, made by the method of decanting and without clarification or filtration, it is normal that a deposit is formed, as they contain a high organic load which is gradually precipitated. However, it is also an oil which keeps better and maintains its beneficial organoleptic properties.
The acidity of our oils is always less than 0.2°%.
We have a wide range of products in different formats:


Our basic range, but just as delicious.


Green oil with a primary taste which is strong, persistent and intense in flavour.


Extra virgin olive oil from organic trees.


Oil from olive trees that are hundreds of years old. We think such trees better transmit aromatic potential and give greater depth to the olive. On the other hand however they are less productive and often need manual harvesting.